MOMENTA is the resident performing arts company of The Academy of Movement and Music in Oak Park. MOMENTA is in reality two companies. The Senior Company is a small group of seasoned professionals augmented as needed by highly skilled advanced students. The Junior Company is a large group of talented young dancers who are developing their performing skills.

Works in repertory include Doris Humphrey's works Water Study, Day on Earth, The Call/Breath of Fire, Two Ecstatic Themes, Grieg Concerto, Air for the G String, Soaring, Sonata Pathetique and Invention. Ruth St. Denis works include Incense, Cobra, Radha, Ishtar of the Seven Gates, Kashmiri Nautch, Valse a la Loie and Minute Waltz. From Eleanor King's choreography, MOMENTA has Roads to Hell and Mother of Tears. Contemporary choreography highlights works by Stephanie Clemens, Larry Ippel and James Tenuta including Stravinsky's L'Histoire du Soldat, Peter Maxwell Davies' Vesalii Iconi, Facade by Edith Sitwell and William Walton, Oblique3 with music by Jerry Goodman and Torrid Bloom to music by Robert Falesch and “Sharing the Moment” to an original score by Ilya Levinson.