Patricia Ackerman

Patricia Ackerman began dancing at the Academy of Movement and Music in 1985.  She has studied privately with Karoun Tootikian, performed Kashmiri Nautch, Lazy Nautch, Pink and Green Saris and danced Doris Humphrey’s role in Ishtar of the Seven Gates.   Patricia has participated in all but two of the seven Doris Humphrey Technique Workshops taught by Ernestine Stodelle.  A member of MOMENTA since 1986, Patricia has danced in the reconstructions of Air for the G String, Grieg Concerto, Greek Sacrificial, Valse Caprice, Under The Leaves, Water Study, Day on Earth and Quasi Waltz.   She was invited by Ernestine Stodelle to dance with the Silo Chamber Dancers in Stodelle’s work, Tragica II, which is dedicated to the women of Bosnia.  She has enjoyed watching her daughters perform with MOMENTA for the past few years.

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