August 30, 2005

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A Combustible Cultural Journey of Dance

    3 - A DANCE COLLABORATIVE          


Chicago – MOMENTA, Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre, and DanceLoop Chicago present 3- A DANCE COLLABORATIVE on October 1 and 2, 2005 at the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago.  The three-way collaborative offers a selection of dances with subjects fiery and explosive in their emotions and content that will take audiences on a combustible cultural journey. Live music and vocalists will be featured along with the dancers in several works to create a full theatrical experience. 


MOMENTA, as led by Stephanie Clemens and Larry Ippel, will present three works by three choreographers. Award winning choreographer Randy Duncan's new work Ida will have its World Premiere in these October concerts.  Performed by dancer, Sarita Smith Childs, Ida is a portrait of Ida B. Wells-Barnett, a fearless, anti-lynching crusader, suffragist and journalist. She was active first in her native Mississippi, then in Tennessee, and came to Chicago in the 1890s to continue her impassioned work until her death in 1931. Another perspective on the horror of lynching is the dance Lynchtown, a 1936 work by modern dance pioneer Charles Weidman.  The dance is set to an original percussive score written by Lehmann Engle and performed by Weidman himself on the drum; MOMENTA performs to this historic recording. Co-artistic director Larry Ippel has created 254,a dance-drama based on Chicago artist Bruno Surdo's epic painting "Tragedy, Memory and Honor" - a memorial to those lost and to those who labored heroically around the event known now as 9/11. This multimedia work, also a World Premiere, will use video projections of the painting as the dancers, including wheelchair dancer, Kris Lenzo, and veteran performer Sam McGrier take on roles of individuals portrayed in the painting. The music for 254 is a collage ranging from classical to contemporary and also includes live stomp, hambone and body music.


Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre under the direction of Artistic Director Wilfredo Rivera and composer Joe Cerqua, will present works featuring Latino and Latin American influenced life experiences. Live vocalist and musicians will interact with the dancers as they perform in front of visual art backgrounds especially designed for the company. On the program will be Brujos Deseos (Witching Lust) that uses the language of the Tango to create this sensuous and predatory dance; Millennium Mambo composed by Joe Cerqua with lyrics by Regina Taylor, which explores assimilation experiences of five women and Mi Primer Baile (My First Dance), a segment of “The American Dream” that explores an immigrant’s journey into the American existence. Additionally, A veces cuando cierro los ojos... (Sometimes when I close my eyes...) is a work inspired by three Latino writers: Chile native and Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda, Chicago born Mexican-American Sandra Cisneros and Marco Tulio Del Arca from Honduras. The company’s finale is Manteca, an original composition by Dizzy Gillespie that celebrates life with joy and abandon as dancers and musicians paint the walls red.


DanceLoop Chicago’s Paula Frasz and Dmitri Peskov will present three World Premieres peering into social and emotional issues that are inherently part of all of our lives. Paula Frasz has choreographed Scorched Earth, an ensemble work based upon a poem “In the Field” by Sue Glavan, a native of Aurora, IL.  Featuring live vocals by the dancers, the work delves into the issue of disappearing farmland and the ensuing loss of the continuity of farming communities. Dmitri Peskov will offer Anniversary, a duet set to a string quartet by Henryk Gorecki that brings the audience inside a private moment of a relationship reflecting all its fluctuating emotions both tender and cruel. The Unknown Citizen is an abstract solo based upon a poem by W. H. Auden for Peskov illuminating the eternal Russian theme of the battle of the “little man. ” The work utilizes a three dimensional abstract statue including bicycles, vibrating springs and other miscellany as the set on which Peskov takes his voyage.                                                           


3 -  A DANCE COLLABORATIVE will take place at the Athenaeum Theatre on October 1 and 2, 2005.  Performances will be Saturday, October 1 at 8pm and Sunday, October 2 at 2pm.  The Athenaeum Theatre is located at 2936 N. Southport in Chicago. Tickets which are $20 and $15, may be purchased through Ticketmaster outlets, by phone at 312-902-1500 and the Athenaeum Theatre Box Office 773 935-6860.


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