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the premier dance company of Oak Park


its Spring Dance Concert Series

Diversity in Dance ~ Past and Present


MOMENTAís Spring Concert Series


MOMENTA, the premiere dance company of Oak Park, opens its 2006 Spring Concert Series in March.As MOMENTA approaches its 25th year, these concerts reflect the great diversity, expansive talent and passionate creative pursuits that are the hallmarks of this Oak Park Dance Company.From classical ballet to contemporary dance to works for dancers with mixed abilities, MOMENTAís concerts will present a multifaceted view of dance and showcase the Companyís diverse repertoire.Whether in pointe shoes or barefoot, classical tutus or unitards, MOMENTAís dancers move wonderfully from style to style, relishing different kinds of dance the way most people enjoy different ethnic cuisine.



The evening will include:

1.      Sadko, the exotic undersea ballet from Rimsky-Korsakovís opera, choreographed by ballet master, Valery Dolgallo.

2.      Isadora Duncanís Dionysian Scherzo, and a powerful excerpt from Martha Grahamís Night Journey.

3.      Internationally known tap dancer, Lane Alexander, performs to Bach on the first weekend.

4.      Ash Wind, choreographed by Chung-Fu Chang, a Taiwanese born and internationally known dancer/choreographer, who has created a new work for four women in shifting dream landscapes, inspired by the music of Alan Hovhaness.

5.      Physically integrated works for dancers with and without disabilities: Ginger Laneís delightful Chet Atkins romp featuring Oak Parkís own Kris Lenzo, and a revival of her lyrical work Interplay, Tom Trimbleís poignant work Ashes, scheduled just on March 11 and 12, a dance for a man suspended in space and the woman he embraces and releases.All three of these physically integrated works will be performed again in April at the Duncan YMCA in Chicago for the first Chicago Festival for Disability Arts and Culture.


MOMENTAís evening performance dates are March 4 and 5 and 11 and 12, Saturdays at 8:00 PM and Sundays at 7:00 PM in the Doris Humphrey Memorial Theatre at the Academy of Movement and Music, 605 Lake Street in Oak Park.Admission is $15.00/Adults; $10.00/Seniors and $5.00/Students.Call (708)848-2329 for more information.The theatre is fully accessible to persons with disabilities.



the premier dance company of Oak Park


its Spring Dance Concert Series


MOMENTASpring Matinee Concerts Feature Childrenís Classics:


Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees


Beauty and the Beast

MOMENTA , the premiere dance company of Oak Park, has established a reputation for bringing classic childrenís literature to life through dance and theatre.MOMENTA is pleased to announce that its 2006 Spring Family Concerts will offer a double feature performance of childrenís classics:Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees and Beauty and the Beast.



The spring concerts will take place on March 4 and 5 and March 11 and 12, Saturdays at 3:00 PM and on Sundays at 2:00 PM at the Doris Humphrey Memorial Theatre in the Academy of Movement and Music at 605 Lake Street in Oak Park.


With 2006 representing the 90th birthday anniversary of Raggedy Ann and Andy, choreographers Mary Kelly Kren and Regina Sigismondi pay tribute to these long-adored characters by creating the Raggedy Ann and Andy ballet, drawing on Johnny Gruelleís famous images.Young dancers, Ella Gill and Noelani Ho, play Raggedy Ann.Max Gorgol and Tommy Jackson play Raggedy Andy.The childrenís cast is joined by adult performers Larry Ippel as the Camel and Tim Jackson as the Tired Old Horse.


In addition, MOMENTAdancers will present the beloved Beauty and the Beast, a visually stunning ballet inspired by Jean Cocteauís 1946 movie of the famous fairy tale.Choreographer, Stephanie Clemens, is working with costume designer Sarah Najera to recreate some of the filmís imagery on stage, having the costumes for Belleís sisters all in black and white, and Belle and the Beastís castle in silvers and grays.Flashes of brilliant color will play against this austere backdrop.Dancers Lucy Gill and Christiana Ho will share the role of Belle.Zachary Schorsch is the Beast and Daniel Deziel and Larry Ippel share the role of Belleís father.


Admission is $10.00/Adults and $5.00/Students and Seniors.The Doris Humphrey Memorial Theater is accessible to persons with disabilities.††† For more information, call (708) 848-2329.


MOMENTA is the resident performing dance company of the Academy of Movement and Music in Oak Park.Founded in 1983 by Stephanie Clemens, Larry Ippel and James C. Tenuta, MOMENTAgrew out of a need to create opportunities for local choreographers and composers and to give young artists performing experience.Today, MOMENTA is comprised of both a Senior and Junior Company.The Senior Company includes seasoned professionals and highly skilled advanced students while the Junior Company includes talented young dancers who are developing their performing skills.


In 1988, MOMENTA broadened its scope and began to acquire the rights to perform dance works by American Dance pioneer, Doris Humphrey, a native of Oak Park, and her associates, including Ruth St. Denis, Charles Weidman and Eleanor King.MOMENTAís repertoire of historic American modern dance makes it one of the largest of any company in the United States.In addition to its historic repertoire, MOMENTA has performed nationally and internationally, and regularly performs throughout the Chicago area.






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